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This is for people who have been harmed by psychiatry, know about psychiatric abuse, or who just care what happens to their fellow man. Psychiatry has been shown to be harmful, without medical or scientific foundation, yet it continues to be pushed as an expert in area of the human mind. It is also based on the notion that man derived from mud, and denies mans spiritual nature - it is in total conflict with many beliefs, and yet it still soaks up billions in government money.

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The purpose of this group is to expose psychiatry in all of its failings...and your story can help..

Have you been harmed by psychiatry...Raped while under medication...?
Yes - these things still happen........but given the power psychiatrists have, it is so easy for them to do and get away with.

The intention here is to show that psychiatry does not work, indeed, it is time the truth was widely circulated, regarding psychiatry,
that they have never actually cured anybody, but worse than that - they can abuse others without any repercussions.
It must be stopped.